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Tying an Egg Loop Knot*
How to tie an Egg Loop Knot

*Note: This diagram has been published in several books and elsewhere on the Internet so I am not sure to whom the credit belongs.

Hook Color - Several of the manufacturers offer hooks in different finishes and colors. I believe that in most cases the color is masked under water and turns black in the limited light but I often use the red colored Gamakatsu hooks for aesthetic reasons only.

Hooks - Other Considerations - There is nothing more important than having a sharp hook. Both steelhead and salmon have tough mouths and in order to get good penetration, your hook must be sharp. I always sharpen my hooks right out of the package and carry a file with me on the river to touch-up the point after using it for 15-20 minutes and certainly after a fish is caught. Because your hook is often bouncing over rocky river bottoms, it is important to check the sharpness frequently. A quick way to check sharpness is to see if the hook point can easily penetrate your fingernail.

Because we release most of the fish we catch, we strongly urge you to use a barbless hook. More and more, fishing regulations require use of a barbless hook and I have made it a practice to use them all of the time. Obviously it is easier to remove a barbless hook, and some say that a barbless hook actually penetrates better than a barbed hook. Barbs can be easily removed with a pair of pliers.


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